I can remember it as if it was yesterday. . . Twelve years ago on a cool, gloomy morning, caved in and exhausted from all the hours worked, all the time involved chasing what I thought was my dream. I wanted to be a Rock Star. Don't judge me.

I knew it was time for a change- I couldn't continue to work so many hours at a "real" job, then stay up all night working on music. Instead of going to work that dreadful morning I opened up the newspaper and started looking through help wanted ads. And there it was: a little five liner ad titled, "Canvassing $14 per hour plus bonuses and commission."

Canvassing, what is canvassing? Even although I wasn't sure, the hourly base pay with commission incentive caught my eye, especially since it went with a 30 to 40 hour work week. I had been used to working 50-60 hours a week on straight commission. And then I picked up the phone and learned that it was door to door to door.

Now I was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but I had definitely heard of all the companies that would guarantee the hourly wage but it was always a different story once you show up, so I was leery to say the least. However after meeting the boss, it seemed to be a real opportunity so I gave it a shot. The main responsibility of the position was to set up appointments for free estimates. Well after the first week I received my check, and not only was I paid for the time I was out knocking on doors but it also included the time from which I sat in the company van driving to and from the areas we worked each day.

Within a month it became clear to me that the product served a wonderful purpose and provided a quality opportunity for the homeowner, and the homeowners absolutely loved the company. The commissions started piling up, and all the while I was getting paid the $14 per hour salary. All of a sudden this was serious business. Now I will spare you the agony of going into details of the successful months and years since my date of hire, if you're even still reading this. I won't go into the promotions and the six figure income that I have since been blessed with. Did I mention that I had a baby and could no longer live out my dream of being a Rock star?

But I will tell you that I have watched this company experience huge growth right before my eyes. I've watched individuals just like myself start at the bottom and work their way up, generating income that they never thought was possible.

Now usually when people hear stories like this, their next thoughts are something like this "it's to good to be true", or even worse they tell themselves that they are not capable of being so lucky. Neither is true.

First, this company offers a product to the public that they will need if they don't already have it. The company pays at least $14 an hour for every hour worked, has a time clock, takes out taxes and pays with a company check every Friday and has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1989. Second, this job has nothing to do with luck, just good old fashioned hard work, determination, and heart. A friend of mine who is still here after eleven years was just looking for a quick buck as his dreams and desires were to save the world one tree at a time. In fact he was living in tree trying to save it when he applied for the job!

I can go on and on, and I would, but I think Craigslist is going to cut me off. So let's end with this. I could have chosen a job at a higher hourly wage but a few extra bucks per hour doesn't add up to much, so in order to make good money I would have to go back to the 50-60 hour work week. I also knew from experience that the value of commission was always better than trading hours for dollars. I could have stayed in my high paying commission job, but if I didn't sell anything then I didn't get paid, which led back to high hours. For me this was an opportunity to have balance. My thought process behind taking this position was that I would get paid no matter what, and if I would work hard while I was on the clock then I could squeeze more dollars out of the hours.

I'm sure glad I made the decision, because although I'm not sailing the seven seas in my new yacht, or driving around in a new Lamborghini, I do have the luxury of owning a home and being part of a team of canvassers that is impacting the world and making a difference.

The majority of our company, which has its headquarters in Colorado but includes offices in Dallas and Houston, is made up of canvassers. Sure, many of them are in management positions or upper sale echelons now, but they started at the door and would go back at the blink of an eye if needed. We are growing and expanding across the country, moving forward and training new candidates who want to write a story of their own, so that together we can all achieve our own personal goals, hopes and dreams.


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