Addressing PTSD and Homelessness Among Veterans

The National Center for PTSD, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), and National Center on Homelessness among Veterans are hosting an interactive Facebook Live event focused on the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among Veterans, specifically those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Here's how to join:

-Visit the National Center for PTSD's Facebook page a few minutes before 3 p.m. ET on June 30.
-At 3 p.m. ET, refresh your page.

-Click on the video to watch the live discussion. You can unmute and adjust the volume by using the volume control button at the bottom of the video. 


Veterans Administration - Guide 

The Homeless Programs Office's strategic plan outlines its vision for the future and highlights the path to achieve the ambitious goal of ending homelessness among Veterans and their families. The plan includes six fundamental objectives and their associated strategies for the future.

​Although hard to get in touch with, the VA does have an entire section devoted to assisting homeless military veterans. Veterans Administration addresses, phone numbers, and types of facilities that are available for homeless military veterans near Denver, Colorado.

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