Caregiver QMAP CPR (Commerce City (Reunion))

Caregiver needed for girls group home. Girls ages range from 10-18. Usually about 5-6 girls. Need about 3 days a week for 8 hours per day. You can get more hours if you'd like, but that's the minimum needed. Everything is negotiable. Which days you work are flexible. Must be at least 21 years old. First Aid/CPR certified. Need QMAP certification. Will need to cook meals. Some cleaning required. Ability to redirect behaviors if needed. Need someone who is empathetic and caring also. Need to take the girls out of the house for activity at least one hour per day. We live near a park and a rec center. Also need someone who likes to talk. These girls a lot of the time just need someone to listen and to talk to. Some computer work and paperwork. Plan and participate in outings and activities with the girls. Ongoing trainings. Background check. Having something on your background does not necessarily rule you out, just be honest and upfront if you do and we can tell you if we can work with it or not. Things we cannot work with at all are any sexual crimes, domestic violence, or child abuse charges. This can be a very fun and enjoyable job if you enjoy doing activities and being outdoors.

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