Classroom Teacher – License Not Required (Denver)

Description of Opportunity:
Are you ready to shape the future? So, if you are bilingual, have a degree in a STEM field or foreign language, or live in a rural area and you're looking for a career change, teaching might be for you! Here in Colorado, you can start your teaching career while getting your teaching license. That means you don't need to have a license to apply for a teaching job today.

So, how exactly does this work? You apply for an open teaching position in a school district in Colorado. If that district is considering unlicensed candidates for that position – typically in rural areas or in subject areas like math, science, special education, and foreign languages – they will reach out to you for next steps. Once you go through the interview process and get offered the job, your new district will help enroll you in a local alternative teacher training program. As a teacher of record, you'll earn a full teacher's salary and benefits while you are working towards your license. Additionally, some districts will cover some or all of your training costs.

So why should you pursue your alternative teaching license? Teaching is a rewarding profession that allows you to make a difference in the world, all while building your professional skill set. It is a profession of possibility. To be a teacher is to be a problem solver, a poet, an inventor, a creator, an explorer, and more. Experience the possibility of untangling a student's understanding of numbers, of awakening curiosities that shift life trajectories, or of creating social change. If you want to make a dent in this world, teaching could be for you.

Teaching allows you to innovate. The field of education, now more than ever, is active with debate and exploration about how to ensure schools best serve kids, from concepts like Personalized Learning and Instructional Leadership, to new approaches like Maker Spaces and coding labs, to ways to ensure students are engaged in and thrive in distance learning. As you progress in your career, you'll have plenty of fodder to keep you stimulated intellectually and challenged professionally.

To take advantage of Colorado's policy, you need to have a bachelor's degree in a field of study related to the subject you're looking to teach. Colorado is interested particularly in high-need areas. So, if you have a degree in a STEM field or a foreign language or live in a rural area and you're looking for a career change, teaching might be for you. Bilingual educators are particularly in high demand as well. Apart from a bachelor's degree, you'll need a few other things:

A strong work ethic. As a teacher you'll work hard, yes, but this is a job where your investment is sure to pay off. For every hour you put in, every exam you administer, every lesson you teach, every pep talk you give, you will reap unparalleled outcomes. Your students will light up when they master the subjects you've taught them to love. You'll establish bonds of trust that allow you to influence their lives. And you'll get to work with subject matter that interests you. Nobody likes to be bored, and as a teacher, you won't have that problem.

High expectations for all students. If you believe that your students can run a NASA command center, manage a corporate boardroom, thrive in a laboratory, master an art studio, succeed in an operating room—so will they. In the classroom, your influence impacts their dreams and sense of curiosity. Teaching allows you to constantly imagine new and effective ways to reach young minds.

A diverse set of skills: leadership, creative problem-solving, and stellar communication, to name a few. The practice of teaching will help you deepen your talents to increase your influence and professional abilities.

How to Apply:
TEACH is here to help you navigate this process. We can help connect you to the districts and schools that are looking for teachers and guide you through the job application process. With these two pieces in place, you can be a teacher of record as early as this fall. Interested in learning more or pursuing this path? Visit to sign up and learn more.

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