Coloradough Pizza all positions drivers, call taker, & Cook (aurora)

We are so excited to announce that we are hiring Delivery Drivers, Calltakers and a cook!
$100 bonus to all new employees rewarded 30days after start date.
Coloradough Pizza is located at 15430 E. Smoky Hill rd, Aurora CO 80015.
please look up to see if this location is practical for your commute to work.

Driver $10.50/hr plus tips. guaranteed to make $25 in tips in a shift or you are compensated the difference every shift! (with garunteed tip outs you get paid $16.50/ minimum and on a weekly average our drivers make $17.50/hr or more)
-deliver food to customers.
-must be able to navigate GPS on their phone.
-Lite in-store prep.
-Dish washing and light cleaning.
-coordinating food out of the oven.

Pizza Cooks make $14-$16.50/hr and prior pizzeria experience is preferred.We are looking for kitchen staff that want to bring their leadership and experience to our kitchen.
-food preparation.
-dough stretching.
-pizza topping and portioning.
-strong verbal communication with staff
-kitchen cleanup and detail.

Call takers make $13-$14.50/hr and will work phones, online and over the counter orders coming into the store. Greeting customers, accurately imputing orders and good communication are the keys of this position.
-answering phones
-creating accurate orders
-cleaning and organizing front lobby
-greeting and welcoming customers
-lite in-store work in downtime

Please send us a resume with the subject line labeled "hire me"

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