CDS Concierge is seeking outgoing hospitality professionals to work as the front desk manager for a luxury residential community. Flexibility and dependability is vital in this role. We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills and creativity.

In this position you would manage approximately 2 part-time employees on a 24/7 basis so schedule flexibility is essential.

Our goal as Concierge is to provide a very friendly and welcoming experience to our exclusive residents and visiting guests. As a Concierge, you are responsible for managing the onsite hospitality operations of our front desk. The concierge desk is open 24/7- 365 days a year, so accessibility and dependability is very important.

Concierge Director Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

· Hire, Fire and Train concierge staff as needed.

· Maintain order, organization and structure of the concierge desk.

· Maintain inventory of the concierge lobby including applicable carts, umbrellas and dollies.

· Make sure the CDS binder is up to date with employee contact information, passwords and procedures.

· Obtain resident or client feedback on the community. If complaints, takes immediate actions to remedy solutions.

· Create monthly schedule of the concierge desk.

· Challenge your onsite team giving praise when due and communicating any changes.

· Follow up with the client of CDS on any issues that may arise.

· Approve staff vacation and days off making sure the desk is not interrupted.

· Approve bi-weekly Payroll Through Scheduling Software.

· Work closely with housekeeping and maintenance team to ensure the community looks good.

· Promote all of our vendors and post any special promotions going on.

· Be thoroughly familiar with concierge procedures and policy concerning reservations, guest suites, noise complaints and trash violations.

· Attends to all the secretarial needs of the desk and concierge lobby making sure everything is labeled and has a place.

· Greet resident and guests upon arrival and bids farewell upon departure.

· Ensures that, whenever possible, special events receive personal recognition.

· Maintain an active presence in the concierge lobby to greet and assist incoming guests.

· Give courtesy calls to new move ins and find ways to impress guest and residents

· Promotes community events and look for partnerships.

· Assists and coordinates with the management office to ensure consistent service.

Ideal Candidate Must:

- Exhibit the highest level of hospitality, professionalism, and etiquette.
- Have a proven customer service experience of management and a golden track record of going above and beyond.
- Previous hospitality experience preferred.
- Must have required uniform which is Black/Grey or Navy pants/skirt or dress suit with white button-up and black tie. Formal and comfortable dress closed-toe shoes.

- Please submit a resume.

We are a growing company with opportunity for career advancement! Please email your resume for consideration. 

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