Lead Appliance Technician (Littleton)

Old School Repair is a handyman services provider looking to expand into appliance repair and installation. We had a false-start with the wrong candidate and are now inundated with customers looking for appliance services that we have to turn away. We would like to hire the right candidate as soon as possible.

Old School is a company you can grow with. We believe in training our staff and helping them grow as professionals and tradesmen. We hire from within whenever possible. If you are a hard worker and constantly try to improve you will be recognized and rewarded in our company. Managerial positions will open in the next year for those who wish to help the next generation learn the trade.

The job pays $25/hr plus a per-stop fee. This will net out to around $1250 a week before overtime. Overtime, if you wish to work it, is time and a half. We also give you five paid holidays a year. Most of all we provide you with a peaceful, respectful and enjoyable work environment. This is a small company with only a few employees. We are a family and treat each other accordingly.

The right candidate must be experienced. There will be no one in the company to tell you how to do something. You'll be the one telling others what to do. Your expertise will be needed not only in the field, but also to advise on everything from van contents to pricing.

The right candidate must be responsible. We need you to be 100% reliable and trustworthy. We need someone who prioritizes their work and takes pride in what they do. We will perform a criminal background check, a drug test searching for -illegal- substances, as well as check personal and professional references.

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Programmer / Developer...I think...lol

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