Merchandise Sorters and Trailer Unloaders (Northglenn)

 Mile High Thrift Store
650 Malley Dr.
Northglenn CO, 80233

Apply in-person: Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm

Our store operates in a fast-paced environment as we are putting out thousands of new items every day! If you are interested in a rewarding and challenging position, we'd like to hear from you, and are currently seeking to fill these 2 positions:

Merchandise Sorters
- Opening bags/boxes, and sorting the contents for pricing and putting on the sales floor.
- Classifying items by their quality
- Continuous lifting and moving throughout the day.
- Requires teamwork, a strong work ethic, and a friendly, positive attitude.

Trailer Unloaders
- Must be able to work with a Safety First mindset and follow General Safety Rules for lifting and carrying.
- Requires continuous walking, lifting and unloading truck and trailers throughout the day of clothing, miscellaneous items and donations.

Must be able to lift small to medium sized items that are only heavy enough for one person to carry, or work with another unloader to move large items when needed.

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $12.65 per hour
Hours: Full-time; hours and days may vary.

All applications for employment must be made in person. Please stop by our store for an application and fill it out today! We look forward to meeting you and having you join our team!

COVID-19 Considerations
Employee and customer safety is important to us. We require all employees to wear masks, and employees to wear latex gloves for cleaning and register duties. We also offer hand-sanitizer throughout the store.

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Driver - Box Truck (Northglenn)

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