Sobriety House

Residential Treatment in Denver 


 121 Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223 / Sobriety House Phone Number: 303-722-5746

  • Prospective clients may qualify for treatment at Sobriety House without cost. We require proof of household income and residency status in the Denver area
  • Phone: 303-722-5746 Intake Coordinator: 720-381-4337 (Phone intake before admission)
  • Affordable Outpatient Treatment (Call for Program Cost/Medicaid Approved)
  • Affordable Residential
  • Phase I: Intensive Residential Treatment
  • Phase II: Transitional Residential Treatment (Halfway House)
  • Phase III: Independent Living - The Gaylord Apartments
  • Transitional Housing: Stepping Stone (Women Only) - Must be enrolled in Phase I or II
  • Phoenix Concept: Sober Living Men Only ($650 per month with $150 deposit
Colorado Crisis Services
Denver CARES

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