service or item from them before.

Willing to provide a $50 Amazon gift card in exchange for 30-40 minutes of your time on the phone (no in-person requirement, can be in any location).

Only requirement is that you have been a Club Champion customer and willing to answer a few basic questions on your customer experience and purchase. We will be verifying purchases.

If interested, please respond to this post with a brief description stating:
1. How recently and how many times have you been fitted at Club Champion?
2. What did you purchase from Club Champion? (just fitting [if so, specify which club fitting], full bag of clubs, driver, iron, wedge, putter, hybrid)
3. Your availability for a 30-40 minute phone call on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Monday (September 26th-28th, October 1st)
4. The best method of contacting you (please include email or phone number)

We will be anonymizing all information collected. This is not a solicitation or sales call.

Thank you in advance.