Maintenance Technicians, under the supervision of the General Manager and/or Maintenance Supervisor, are responsible for performing repairs and preventive maintenance at the property.

Currently Established Responsibilities:

Reporting to the General Manager

or the Maintenance Supervisor on time and appropriately dressed at the beginning of each workday.

Responding to assigned maintenance work orders during the workday, giving priority to any emergency calls.

Handling all resident Work Orders efficiently and courteously.

Reporting to the General Manager or Maintenance Supervisor regarding any repair assignments that cannot be completed in the course of the work day.

Operating mechanical equipment in use on the property, such as snow blowers, trash compactors and landscaping equipment.

Completing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance activities.

Performing general clean up of the apartment community as necessary.

Reporting all acts of vandalism, destruction of property and suspicious persons observed within the community to the General Manager, Maintenance Supervisor or other designated supervisor.

Being familiar with all Maintenance Forms and sections of the Sentinel Policy and Procedures Manual dealing with maintenance of the property.

Being available for duty on a rotating basis for after-hour emergency calls.

Performing such duties and assuming other responsibilities as may be assigned.