A Software Engineer (SE) is a skilled and experienced software developer responsible for the detailed design, implementation, and testing of subsystems and system components. A SE is able to build a

wide variety of software subsystems and components efficiently and effectively, given only a requirements specification and constraints. A SE is able to develop and sustain these subsystems and software components in complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform environments.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, modify, review, test and document software. This position will focus on developing the operating system and database features for proprietary software product lines using Java/Android Studio/Android SDK/3rd Party SDK development.
  • Supports or participates in conducting routine technical analyses to design software applications and software tools that achieve desired functionality for a several products / systems / software applications
  • Executes routine software engineering / technical assignments that involve analysis / programming
  • Develop project plans and estimates
  • Identify opportunities for processes improvements to maximize efficiency
  • Develop and review documentation as necessary
  • Participates in or supports the development of software engineering / technical solutions that adhere to established product specifications and functionality
  • Participates in or supports the solution of software engineering / technical problems using basic engineering approaches
  • Participates in and supports the testing and verification of the software by implementing and writing test functionality
  • Provide technical expertise to produce design specifications from informal requests or written specifications.
  • Use programming languages to design create, modify or maintain software for Systems Development.
  • Ability to operate tools, components, and peripheral accessories.
  • Able to read and understand technical manuals, procedural documentation, and OEM guides.
  • Knowledge and experience with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Databases.
  • Write documentation to describe program development logic, coding and corrections
  • Assist in all application Unit/Integration testing with Engineering and Product Assurance
  • Assume project level responsibility and ownership of resulting actions with limited supervision