DUTIES: The incumbent serves as Associate Chief of Staff for Mental Health at the Eastern Colorado Healthcare System (ECHCS). The incumbent has final decision-making authority, responsibility, and accountability on all

issues affecting the Mental Health Service. He/She collaborates with all relevant managers and staff system-wide to ensure integrated goals and priorities for the MH Service are established and met. In addition, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring effective operations for all areas covered by the Uniform Mental Health Services Handbook (inclusive of services for outpatient, residential, inpatient, community-based, homeless, substance abuse, seriously mentally ill, rehabilitation and recovery-oriented services, suicide prevention, gender and age specific services, specialized Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, rural mental health, prevention and management of violence, and Military Sexual Trauma). In addition, the following.duties include:

* Planning, developing, coordinating, directing, and evaluating a large, integrated mental program for ECHCS.

* Performing wider-range and higher-level management functions for ECHCS and VISN 19 through participation in planning and oversight boards, councils, and committees.

* Developing and maintaining continuing programs in the area of professional peer review, organizational improvement, continuing education, scope of practice, clinical privileging and other quality improvement activities

* Providing direct health care to clients within incumbent's area of expertise, on a limited basis.

* Ability to effectively supervise and manage subordinate employees.

* Skill in assessing qualifications and abilities of current and prospective employees.

* Ability to develop productivity standards appropriate to each service provided and each venue.

* Skill in interpersonal relationships, including conflict resolution.

* Ability to deal effectively with individuals or groups representing widely divergent backgrounds, interests, and point of vie.

* Skill in working collaboratively with other disciplines and supervisor.

* Directs all activities of the MH Service including Budget and Fiscal Management, HR Management, strategic planning, and program management and evaluation.

* Serves as a member of a number of facility and VISN level committees - Medical Executive Committee, Healthcare Delivery Executive Council and VISN 19 Mental Health Council.

* Formulates policy and operating procedures ensuring compliance with VA regulations, statues and the standards of requirements of various internal and external reviews and accrediting bodies.

* Maintains close liaison with other ECHCS managers and senior leadership. Conducts and directs special studies and analyses of complex problems relating to staffing requirements, space, equipment utilization, organization alignment, and other areas of concern.

* Establishes organizational structure and guidelines, creates performance standards, work review and reporting requirements, and defines the lines of authority and supervisory control necessary to carrying out the mission of the MH Service.

Work Schedule:To be determined upon selection.
Functional Statement Title/#: Nurse 4: Mental Health Service Chief