1. Regional Leadership - serves as a senior member of the Regional 8 Leadership Team. Serves as a key advisor to the Regional Administrator and Deputy Regional Administrator in matters pertaining

to state and tribal issues. Serves as a key participant in Region 8's strategic and operational planning activities, making determinations regarding key priority areas, investments and dis-investments, and ensures completion of assigned projects and priorities.

2. Program Planning - accomplishes or directs planning and other related staff work involved in review, development and execution of new or modified statues, rules, regulations, standards, policies, practices, projects and programs. Program planning is performed in order to achieve the best use of EPA and state resources to obtain environmental results in the most efficient manner possible.

3. Program Organization - directs the actions involved in organizing the Office and in establishing procedures for carrying out the programs of the Office within the Regional Office and in coordinated fashion with EPA nationally and with the states and tribes.

4. Program Direction - directs the actions involved in completing assigned projects, reducing paperwork, establishing priorities, and changing program emphasis. Establishes methods for communicating directions to subordinates and other staff. Makes decisions in the administration of work within broad Regional policy areas and takes recommendations to the Regional Administrator only in those cases that deviate from established policies or involve new policy areas to ensure compliance with governing legal requirements, including the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA); the Clean Air Act and its amendments; and other related Federal statutes.

5. Program Coordination - directs the actions involved in coordinating the program with internal and external organizations, determining or recommending appropriate adjustments, and maintaining effective relations with all interested groups. Liaisons with and meets with key officials of EPA, other Federal agencies, representatives of state, tribal, and local governments, private industry, professional groups, members of environmental organizations, and the general public to resolve environmental problems, and advises and coordinates on all aspects of the Office's programs.

6. Management Integrity and Resources Management - ensures organizational planning, budgeting, extramural resource management (management of contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and interagency agreements), and financial accountability reflect the basic principles of doing the "right things right" and conform to Agency and Federal regulations. Leads reforms in work processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness and makes decisions based on data and facts. Demonstrates knowledge of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) in order to ensure effective program management and accountability for results.

7. Program Control - directs the actions involved in tracking and evaluating the work of the Office. Establishes Regional program tracking and information systems and is responsible for input to various EPA systems and tracking systems.

8. Program Forecasting - accomplishes or directs the actions involved in determining the effects on the Office's programs of proposed or enacted Federal or state legislation, new or proposed program requirements, new or improved technology, emergency situations, court decisions and other developments.

9. Program Operation - accomplishes or directs the day-to-day operations of the program, such as interpreting rules, regulations, policies and standards to the states, tribes and localities that make up the Region; providing review -both formally and informally-to plans, actions, projects, programs and standards proposed by states and localities.

10. Program Management - supervises a large group of EPA employees organized into appropriate and efficient work units. Plans for staff development including assessment of training needs, and performs supervisory duties involving the establishment and filling of positions, the promotion and assignment of personnel, the provision of employee relations services, the taking of disciplinary and other actions, and the administration of human resources management, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action programs. Is responsible for taking appropriate steps to maintain positive employee morale and a cooperative work atmosphere. Develops and implements the Office's administrative budget. Plans the Office's program budget.

11. Performs other duties assigned including the management of other programs that may, from time-to-time, be assigned to the Office.