Bearing Witness Podcast, Part 2: The search for “why” in the aftermath of columbine

In a three-part series, The Denver Post examines the news coverage behind the columbine High School shooting, with interviews from the people who were there and those affected by the tragedy.


  • Part 1: The Day Of
  • Part 2: The Follow-Up
  • Part 3: The Future of School Shootings (Coming Friday, April 19)

In Part 2, “The Follow-Up,” Amy Brothers and Kyle Newman consider the media’s coverage in the years and weeks instantly following the massacre, including the search for reasons why it happened, how victims’ families were approached in the wake of the shooting and the sheer volume of coverage that was produced.

Among those interviewed are Denver Post reporter Kieran Nicholson, former Denver post visual journalist Shaun Stanley, columbine survivor Evan Todd, football coach Andrew Lowry, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Steve Wyant and author/researcher Jaclyn Schildkrout.

Bearing Witness is written by Newman, Brothers, and Katie Rausch, with redaction help from Matt Schubert, Patrick Traylor, Matt Sebastian and Mario Sanelli. Special thanks to Evan Todd, Andrew Lowry, Jacklyn Schildrout, Denver Post reporter Kieran Nicholson, former Denver Post visual journalist Shaun Stanley, former Denver7 reporter Mitch Jeliker and Denver7 for the use of their deposit footage.

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