Are you interested in impacting a child's life? Ariel Clinical Services is seeking parents to assist our therapeutic foster care team in working with children who are in need of a safe,
nurturing home until they can return to their families or find an adoptive home for three of our programs. We will train & certify you and we provide extensive support & ongoing training after you begin providing care. Our support includes behavioral management consultation, navigating the CDHS system, advocacy for you as a foster parent, and 24 hour crisis response.

General Foster Care Ages, 0-21: Children that are placed temporarily until they reunify with their family or are adopted. Some children demonstrate symptoms and behaviors related to trauma and can be addressed by utilizing behavioral modification techniques. Children that demonstrate a higher level of trauma symptoms may be in individual therapy, speech therapy, and/or physical therapy. Most children will have supervised visits with their family until reunification. The average length of time a child is in foster care can be as short as 24 hours to 6 months. Some children remain in foster care longer depending on the bio-family or the adoption process. Reimbursement ranges from $600.00 through $1000.00 per month per child depending on severity of behaviors and needs of the child.

Developmentally Delayed Children/Adolescents, Ages 10-21: Children/young adults that are significantly delayed with a qualifying IQ of 69 or less. Some have medical needs in addition to the developmental delays. This population requires parents that have patience and love, a willingness to learn new techniques, and to provide a high level of supervision. CNA experience is helpful but not required. Each child has individual needs that may range from frequent doctor visits, PT/OT therapy, psychiatric care, and can include total dependency care to frequent behavioral modification techniques. The severity range varies; each child will be carefully assessed and placed in the appropriate home that can meet their needs. Most of these children will not return home and will remain with a foster parent for the duration of their childhood; they will then transfer from foster care into an adult program in the community. Reimbursement for this population ranges from $1,500.00 up to $3,000.00 per month per child, depending upon the severity and frequency of behaviors/medical/supervision needs.

Adolescent Specific Care, Ages 13-18: We are looking for specific homes to provide a range of specific care for adolescents.

Mutual Care: Teen mothers that are placed in foster care that are pregnant or have their child with them. High level of supervision, ability to role model & teach parenting skills, and able to care for the baby while the mother attends school and other appointments. The teen mother may have supervised visits with her own bio-family. Ability to be a birthing coach for the teen mom if needed. Ability to report abuse/neglect by the teen mother while in care. Teach independent living skills and connect teen to resources they can utilize when they return to their home or emancipate into the community.

Offense Specific Care: Teens may be on probation or sentenced to the Department of Corrections. Most have a history or are involved with drugs/alcohol and have legal involvement with a probation/parole officer. Foster Parent will expect accountability for time in the community, teach independent living skills, and connect the youth to resources they may utilize once they emancipate. Youth should learn and become independent utilizing the transit system and manage their daily schedule. Foster parent will demonstrate and role model respect, effective communication and utilize crisis intervention and effective communication.

All Children/youth will attend the school in your local school district.

All children placed in your home have health insurance through Medicaid

Working, single, minority parents encouraged to apply!

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us by phone at 303-703-9351.