Function:   Poultry Live Production

Pay Type:   Exempt

Position Number:   90192956 Broiler Tech Advisor I

Employee Type:   Full Time

Relocation:   Yes

SUMMARY: This position is responsible for providing technical assistance to producers caring for company's birds in regards to the proper care and comfort. Duties would include but are not limited to advising producers regarding building and equipment specifications, litter manipulation and farm sanitation, farm visits to include documenting bird comfort, management of the flock and equipment settings, monitoring bird health and providing remedy when possible, monitoring feed consumption and ordering feed if necessary, pulling blood and fat samples on time when required, coordinating chick placements to the farms and helping with catch schedules and ensuring communication between hatchery, feedmill and livehaul as it pertains to their contract farms, and in all areas insuring producer and company are in compliance with the production contract so as to produce flocks of the highest quality and lowest cost due to good performance, and for ensuringall USDA and other government regulations are followed when handling poultry. Other duties might include working with the Broiler and Breeder Departments in coordinating weekly chick placements,and performing other responsibilities as theneed arises.