The Cert Nurse Asst I (CNA), under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse, administers patient care. The CERT NURSE ASST I will complement the nursing process, assisting the RN and

LVN in the individualized care of the patient in an attempt to assist the patient in adapting to the disease process and achieve the highest level of wellness.


Maintains consistency with Administrative and Departmental policies with appropriate behavior, dress, attitude, attendance, confidentiality, professionalism, and reliability.

  • Insures professional discretion and confidentiality of hospital related information concerning patients, physicians, associates and visitors.

  • Complies with conditions of employment as stated in the associate handbook and Administrative and Departmental policies.

  • Complies with dress code policy.

  • Limits non-emergency personal telephone calls to breaks and meal times.

2. Implements measures to promote a safe environment for patients and others.

  • Follows nursing safety standards in the delivery of patient care.

  • Follows approved policies and procedures for infection control.

  • Follows policies and procedures for "high risk for falls" and "restraints".

  • Identifies, reports, and appropriately intervenes in safety hazards.

  • Practices universal precautions by appropriate disposal of waste, hazardous waste, sharps, and wearing personal protective equipment.

  • Keeps patient rooms and other common patient areas free from potential hazards.

3. Respects the patients right to privacy by protecting confidential information unless obligated or allowed by law to disclose the information.

  • Follows policies and procedures for "no information patients".

  • Awareness of conversations held at nursing stations.

  • No participation in conversations outside patient care environment.

4. Assists in the provision of individualized goal directed nursing care.

  • Assists in admission process; greets the patient, provides linens/gown, orients patient to room and equipment.

  • Provides patient care feedback to the team leader or other responsible person to achieve patient care objective.

  • Takes vital signs on admission and at intervals as the patient's condition warrants.

  • Accurately records vital signs, intake and output and weights.

  • Immediately notifies team leader of any abnormal data.

  • Documents clearly and concisely on appropriate forms according to policy.

5. Participates in patient/family education.

  • Educates patients/family on environmental and safety policies.

  • Acts on direction from team leader in regards to providing ongoing education nd reinforcement of teaching plan.

  • Reports any identified teaching needs to the team leader.