are button pushers and people who dare call themselves masters of your trade, only you know what it truly takes to be a Class A machinist.When people ask, How many axis' can you run? "All 5 baby!." Work independently and be a problem solver? "Are you kidding me, that's why I love this job." You are the expert and you deserve better. We are looking for exceptional individuals for an exceptional opportunity. We want the best people to be well taken care of. We don't care what the other shops do, we do more.Why? Because we demand extra-ordinary talent. We want people who don't just say they are better, but have the track record and pedigree to prove it. The best of the best.

A little about what we are looking for:

- Strong high precision CNC background in a job shop environment.

- Minimum 5 years of 5 Axis CNC Mill programming experience (Mastercam preferred)

- Comfortable doing small runs all the time. It's precision, not production.

- Stable work history. You have been loyal and reliable. Job hoppers just are not good enough.

- 5 Axis CNC Mills are like family to you. You know them well and can make them do amazing things.

- A good attitude. I don't want to hear that your last boss was a jerk. I want to know about you and why you are better than the rest.

- PASSION. Passion for what you do, who you are, and who you want to continue to become.

If this sounds like you, I want to talk with you ASAP. We do everything Direct Hire, no contract temp BS. We want buy-in from day 1 and that only happens if you are a true member of our team. We know great machinists deserve to be taken care of and we want GREAT machinists. Send in the resume and skip the cover letter, just tell us why you have passion on what you do. Expect a call shortly. We are looking forward to meeting you.