Specific Job Activities:

The contractor shall support the operation availability of Legacy Systems Software by monitoring system operation, diagnosing cause of system problems, training users, and taking corrective actions.


Diagnose Cause of System Problems The contractor shall analyze system communication, interface, and data processing discrepancies, errors and issues. The contractor shall perform studies and analyses of process performance, data reliability, and trends and document recommendations for performance improvements. The contractor shall provide guidance in the functionality of the systems and processes and provide recommendations concerning technical infrastructure, application software, and networks to ensure system components function together as designed. The contractor shall recommend corrective actions in resolving variances, errors, and variances between systems. The contractor shall generate problem reports or create electronic tickets documenting problems identified and potential resolutions.

1.4.3 User Education and Training: The contractor shall provide users with assistance and training on system functionality. The contractor shall answer questions and provide explanations on system functions and interpretation of data. The contractor shall develop, write and revise user training manuals, reference guides and documentation as needed in support of applications. The contractor shall develop training materials such as exercises and visual displays. Training consists of Train-the-Trainer, over-the-shoulder guidance and informational briefings conducted in a classroom or meeting room setting. Most user education will be on-the-spot, taking no more than a few minutes to explain. Briefs may last less than 1 hour and have typically been less than 15 per year.