Preferred Solutions Group (PSG) is a woman owned business based in Washington, DC that is uniquely qualified to serve small businesses and corporations alike as they seek to address shifting personnel

needs in an ever changing environment. An established part of the Washington, DC community, PSG has maintained effective and successful relationships with a diverse group of companies and federal agencies since its founding in 1987.

We are currently looking for an experienced Communications Editor, Scientific.

Position Description:

The contractor shall:

  • Write and edit articles and other material about areas of basic biomedical science (such as cell biology, biophysics, genetics, pharmacology, biochemistry and computational biology) and NIGMS programs and policies for varied national audiences; address target audiences who vary widely in their level of scientific expertise and include the general public, students, teachers and scientists.
  • Conceptualize, create and publicize content for print, video, website and social media outlets, including two blogs.
  • Serve as the primary writer for a magazine-style publication about cutting-edge biomedical research that targets middle and high school students.
  • Edit and verify the scientific accuracy of communication products and programmatic or policy material written by others, including people with scientific training and those without it.
  • Advise NIGMS staff members on communication opportunities, issues and strategies; work with staff in meeting their communication needs.
  • Develop and implement communication plans for specific NIGMS initiatives and activities.