Seeking the right candidates who are interested in water mitigation, bio-hazard cleanup and extreme cleaning. This is an entry level technician position. This requires someone who truly wants to help others in their greatest time of need. Applicant will need to have a strong work ethic as well as a strong stomach. This position is not your typical 9 to 5 job. Our company is on call 24/7/365, although most jobs are requested and completed during normal business hours. You must have a flexible schedule and be available 24/7. This position is labor intensive and requires the ability to work in bio-hazard safety suits and a full face respirator. Strength and stamina are a must for this position. You must have the ability to lift, carry, and dump heavy objects. This position can be taxing mentally as well as physically. Right candidate must be capable of working for long periods on their feet, whether standing or crouching. Must be able to work in tight spaces, such as crawlspaces and from a ladder. Candidate must also be capable of working within bug infested environments. Other requirements are that you must have a smart phone, active drivers license, reliable transportation, have a clean motor vehicle record, can pass a background check, have a good understanding of power tools and live within 30 minutes of Frederick. Construction or Restoration background is a huge plus. If you have the stomach and stamina to be reliable and supportive in the field, please send me your resume as well as a good phone number to reach you at.

Additional Compensation:1


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