Lineage Logistics is a warehousing and logistics partner committed to delivering sophisticated, customized, and dependable cold chain solutions to leading food, retail, agriculture and distribution companies. We serve customers who put a premium on excellence and reliability to ensure our nation’s food supply is handled, stored and delivered safely and securely through the entire supply chain.  Playing a critical role in multiple global supply chains, we store and transport temperature-sensitive commodities (about 30 billion lbs per year) in a large network of warehouses, trucks and rail cars. Our inventories include everything from industrial carbon fiber to your 4th of July baby-back ribs.

Your Career Starts Here!

Lineage is currently searching for MA or PhD graduates in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering and Physics as Data Scientists. Materially every aspect of our business relates to graph theory, convex/combinatorial optimization or thermo-fluid dynamics, giving experience in a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. In addition, as a Data Scientist with Lineage, you will gain industrial experience, seeing first-hand how our business operates and makes decisions. 

Your work will influence everything from the design of our facilities to how we operate them to where we ship product (nationally and internationally). The following is a sampling of problems we encounter:
(1) Routing freight over the minimum cost (or minimum time) path (using graph theory)
(2) Optimally packing items in a warehouse or truck (using combinatorial optimization and integer programming)
(3) Analyzing and predicting the failure modes of industrial refrigeration systems (using survival analysis, harmonic analysis and an array of industrial sensors)
(4) Solving scheduling problems with many moving pieces (using linear programming)
(5) Simulating a warehouse to understand how to best utilize robotics (using agent-based models and Monte-Carlo simulation)
(6) Visualizing high-dimensional data sets (using D3.js, R, Python, MATLAB, etc)