We are a visiting charity dental service providing care to patients residing in nursing homes. Our dentists treat our client facility patients right in their wheelchairs and jammies. This is a very
rewarding and necessary service and our charity is the market and thought leader in the local area.

You should be a quick study, highly organized, have a real concern for patients, experienced with elderly and infirm people, cooperative attitude, and flexible approach. Necessary skills include digital x-rays, fast and accurate computer charting and data entry, sugical assiting, and equipment maintenance,

This job does require traveling around and lifting portable dental equipment and lifting a 50lb delivery system is a requirement. We pay towards mileaage for your vehicle at high IRS rates. A reliable winter ready vehicle is required. Please send your resume by return email, and visit our website at www.vasnpo.org.

Because we are a charity we are not the highest paying organization, but the work is very rewarding and you will always have some interesting stories to tell after work. Ask us about our career path.