From discovering land to developing new communities, you’ll work closely with the Sales, Construction and Finance teams at Pulte Homes. You will also collaborate with officials from local municipalities, professional consultants,

legal counsel and land development contractors. In our World-Class training program, you will learn the land development process and focus this knowledge into creating unique living environments, thus continuing to enhance Pulte Homes’ respected image around the world.

Job Summary:

Primary responsibility for leading and directing the Division’s land acquisition and entitlement process.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Locate new land suitable for development and its acquisition.
  • Participate in the strategic and tactical planning at the Division. Ensure that the Division’s land pipeline is filled in a timely manner to meet business goals.
  • Oversee contract administration, bidding contracts, and negotiation.
  • Oversee acquisition and entitlement activities.
  • Provide strategic and capital planning for future acquisitions.
  • Hire, train, motivate, and evaluate staff.
  • Prepare and manage budget.