School Bus Driver in Training

All interested applicants for a School Bus Driver position, anyone looking for a new career opportunity to experienced School Bus Drivers, begin with us

as a Driver in Training. The best-trained drivers in the business work for us because we devote a significant amount of resources, training and development to our employees.

A Driver In Training will be trained by our staff to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), where available, obtain related School Bus Driver endorsement(s), and to learn our Company policies and procedures. Upon successful completion of the training program and successful completion of all necessary requirements for the position, the Driver In Training will be placed in a School Bus Driver role.

Responsibilities Include:

• Provides safe and reliable transportation service by operating various types of school buses in transporting pupils to and from school, special events, field trips, etc.

• Reports any maintenance problems to Maintenance in accordance with Company procedure and does not operate an unsafe vehicle.

• Reports to duty on time and maintains route on time but in a safe manner.

• Physically assists passengers in evacuation of the vehicle in case of emergency.

• Immediately reports any accident or incident per Company policy.

• Exercises student management through communication and discipline per Company policy.

• Reports discipline problems to school officials as instructed.

• Keeps the interior of the assigned vehicle clean and presentable.

• Presents a neat and professional appearance at all times.

• Ensures vehicle is properly fueled according to facility procedures.

• Completes all required paperwork (including route change sheets, time cards, vehicle repair requests) and submits to the appropriate authority in a timely manner.

• Attends all assigned training, safety meetings and in-service meetings.

• Maintains a cooperative attitude with fellow employees, supervisors, parents, and school personnel; always promoting company goodwill.

• Prepares vehicle for inclement weather conditions, including scraping or cleaning windows, applying tire chains.

• Safely and efficiently utilizes bus equipment, including wheelchair lifts, radios and emergency equipment.

• Other duties as assigned.