smartphone, a car and a pulse.

Pay is $1 per door, whether home or not. You are expected to do 200-300 doors per day or 100-150 per day if working half days. Everyone doing this job is happy with it.

We need as many people working as possible. Post this job on social media and let others know to come in. We will pay you 10% of whatever they make as an override. Their pay will not be reduced to pay this override. Overrides are also paid daily.

If you meet the 3 requirements (smartphone, car, pulse), show up for a group orientation today at either 10AM, 12PM or 2PM at 1651 Yates St, Denver 80204. Bring a flashlight for after dark and charge your phone fully before the orientation. You will work today and have your first check tomorrow. Say you are Mike's team to make sure you get the best pay.