The City & County of Denver and Denver Human Services currently have openings for Eligibility Specialist in the Family and Adult Assistance Division within its Q & A team.

Eligibility Specialists are

considered subject matter experts in eligibility and public assistance programming, and we are seeking individuals familiar with these laws, rules, regulations, computer systems and general practices.

The ideal candidates must:
Understand leadership and embrace change
Be able to work independently with minimal supervision
Be comfortable troubleshooting cases and navigating through CBMS
Possess top-notch problem solving skills
Be proficient with system interfaces
Show understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy and concern
Develop and maintain working relationships while encouraging cooperation, pride and a commitment to teamwork
Be sensitive to cultural diversity, race, gender and other individual differences in the workforce
Be willing to go the extra mile for our clients
Have a proven track-record of success
About Denver Human Services

Denver Human Services provides both assistance services, protection and prevention services to Denver's most vulnerable residents. Assistance programs are provided to eligible Denver residents in financial need and include federal food, cash and medical benefits, as well as child care, child support, energy, rental and burial assistance, all designed to help families and individuals toward financial self-sufficiency. Protection & Prevention services are provided via child, youth and adult protection services, along with community focused programming including veterans' services, homeless services, and drug awareness campaigns. The department seeks to strengthen individuals, families and communities with the services provided.

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Our Vision: Partnering with our community to protect those in harm's way and help all people in need.

Interested? At the City and County of Denver and DHS you can apply your expertise and contribute directly to the community. Please review the required qualifications and submit your application/resume for consideration by clicking the 'Apply' button at the top of this posting and/or visit

Job Responsibilities
Assists clients in the application for public assistance programs and determines appropriate services/programs to meet the needs of clients by conducting eligibility interviews, researching and evaluating all necessary information such as family members and relationships, financial status and income resources.

Reviews and interprets legal documents provided by clients such as court documents/orders, property transactions, trusts, annuities, life insurance policies, financial transactions, and transfers of resources in order to determine eligibility for public assistance programs.

Acts as an eligibility determination subject matter expert for the total array of programs and services available to clients and serves as a resource to eligibility staff by assisting staff with difficult/complex cases, formulating approaches to address issues/problems, and briefing supervisors/managers on recurring concerns and issues.

Elicits and verifies pertinent eligibility information such as employment, income, residence, property ownership, rent, household expenses, and other banking and financial resources, assists applicants to obtain additional information and resolve discrepancies, and answers applicant questions regarding eligibility.

Serves as a community resource specialist for clients and refers clients to internal and/or external services and services providers.

Reviews cases in the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) and researches all associated discrepancies.

Works reports received from interfaced systems.

Determines initial and on-going eligibility for public assistance programs in accordance with federal and state laws, county rules and regulations, and approves and issues benefits.

Review all necessary documents, systems, case comments, and case history to determine validity of discrepancy.

Records client information enters and updates information into complex state and county computer systems, and responds to inquiries about client records for administrative state hearings, federal reviews, fraud investigations, and federal and state program management and evaluation.

Completes and mail communication to Client, Content Management and Accounts Receivable

Ensures benefit calculations made by the state computer system are accurate in order to reduce/eliminate errors. Impact of financial errors is significant due to state and federal sanctions.

Reports daily work progress to Supervisor.

Explains rights and responsibilities to clients and provides referrals to non-profit agencies and other service providers to facilitate a comprehensive solution to the client's issues.

Monitors changes in client's status, contacts clients to verify changes, and makes appropriate adjustments to eligibility and support payments.

Monitors changes in the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS), maintains current knowledge of CBMS, programs, policies, and community resources and adjusts work processes to ensure accurate provision of benefits.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education Requirement:
Associates Degree

Experience Requirements:
At least two years of experience determining eligibility for public assistance programs

Education Equivalency:
Additional appropriate experience may be substituted for the minimum education requirement.

Preferred Qualifications:
3 years of professional level experience and knowledge working with public assistance programs including Colorado Works, Adult Financial and/or Long Term Care

2 years of professional level experience and knowledge working with the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS)

Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Outlook

FA / MA experience

Familiarity with system interfaces

Ability to troubleshoot cases

Additional Information

We offer a competitive benefits package including:
Medical, Dental & Vision Plans (multiple programs)
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Paid Holidays
Retirement (Pension Plan & 457 Deferred Comp Plan)
Flexible Spending Accounts
RTD EcoPass Discounts
Life Insurance; Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance
Domestic Partner Programs
Wellness Center & Classes
Education & Training Classes
The City and County of Denver values leadership that influences the commitment, ability and willingness of employees to provide quality service to the citizens of Denver.

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