We are currently Brunswick Zone XL in Lone Tree, but will be rebranding to Bowlero Lone Tree very soon and are needing a Facilities Manager!

Welcome to Bowlero Lanes--and prepare to scrap

everything you thought bowling could (or should) be. We're looking for super-special folks like you to help us usher forth a new era in sports, dining, and casual entertainment. It's a tall order. . . think you're up for it? If so, read on.

Bowlero Lanes is the newest creation from Bowlmor AMF--a company with a long and storied history of providing exceptional service, world-class experiences, and copious amounts of over-the-top fun.

Are you a fix-it wizard? Do thrive on keeping stuff alive? Then you should seriously consider becoming Bowlero's next great Facility Manager. The Facility Manager is a formidable force in the everyday function of Bowlero, maintaining the technical integrity of the venue (and its equipment) on a day-to-day basis. What's that mean exactly...? Well, essentially, you help keep things running smoothly--ensuring that our pinsetters/pinspotters, automatic scoring machines, lanes, and other facility equipment operate at peak efficiency. It's not a Herculean task, but it does require a person with a certain skill set--the ability to both fix and forecast--since our Facility Managers usually assist our GMs in the planning and budgeting that's involved with all center repairs and upgrades.

Facility Managers act as watchdogs and guardians for their venues--constantly monitoring and suggesting improvements to the facility and its equipment in an effort to improve performance and reduce costs. The Facility Manager also routinely monitors and maintains the venue's roof, as well as its HVAC, plumbing, electrical, life/safety systems, and other building systems. In the event that the venue's equipment does malfunction, it's up to the Facility Manager to identify the problem(s), suggest repairs to/replacements for the equipment, and solicit final approvals from General Managers or District Managers.

While they do perform maintenance and repair work, Facility Managers are also responsible for administrative operations such as scheduling staff, making sure we comply with appropriate laws and policies (including OSHA safety practices/procedures), and obtaining bids for both routine maintenance and emergency repairs. In addition to these key tasks, Facility Managers also work to improve and update the existing inventory system and ensure that our inventory is kept current.
Beyond being our resident "Fix-It" gurus, our Facility Managers also serve as mentors to our B- and C-Mechanics, assisting the GMs in their hiring and training these mechanics in safety procedures and operating standards related to bowling equipment, building maintenance, and other preventative maintenance programs.

What makes a great Facility Manager? Hmmm... well, to start, you have 2 years of related experience. You've got no problem working varying shifts (including weekends and holidays) or extended workdays, you're a rock-solid communicator, and you embody superior guest service in your everyday approach to the work. We know it's a tall order--think you can handle it? If so, then apply today!