We do things differently. Including how we find good people for our team.

Well, way more than that, but this specific job. . . it's all about the customer service, coffee,

wine, beer, cocktails and food...it's about building a strong team, building community and it's about art.

We are outgoing and love to talk to people, even when we don't know them yet. We are eager to help. We are passionate about telling the story of our company and our vision. We are not shy. We are driven by helping and serving others. It's called customer service. But it's deeper than that. It's giving freely without expecting anything in return. It's humble.

We are fun. Sometimes this means we are funny, too. We are playful. We are active. We take our jobs seriously and don't let anyone down. We don't take ourselves too seriously, though.

We do what it takes. We take personal responsibility for everything we do and do it well. We are reliable and dependable. We can also roll with things that change. Because they do. And we adapt well.

Apply if this is you. . .

Oh, and we need you to have hospitality experience and love it. At least one year of it. Why?

•We have to know you love what you do. You have a deep passion for fine drinks and food. We have to know you excel at talking to people, giving amazing customer service and will do the best job you can every day you're working.
•We have to know you will work flexible hours. This includes nights, weekends and holidays.
•And we have to know you know what you are getting into and that you are capable of doing it. From making drinks, cleaning, to doing inventory, and working a register. Different hats to wear at different times and all important -- but never taking away from the focus on the customer.
•In order to talk about and sell our products, you need to be able to learn quickly. Plus our products change from time to time, so there is always more to know! Creative and innovative thinking is also appreciated. We want you to bring your heart, hands and brain to work and make a positive difference.

There's more! Especially designed for Key Holders. . .we need you to have:
•Experience in a lead role -- a role where you have been part of leading a team and operations.
•Exceptional customer service, sales abilities and experience. The Key Holder sets and raises the bar for the team! Makes sense, right?
•Initiative. You go after things and don't wait for someone else to tell you.
•Awesome teamwork and communication skills so that team members want to help you, follow you, and be part of the positive energy you create.
•Operations experience. This is important. You must come with experience using point of sale systems and inventory.
•Solid integrity. Because we give you a key to the store and the store has all our valuable stuff in it - and when running the store you must account for our sales and inventory. You have to be trustworthy, responsible and dependable.

We offer competitive hourly rates and employee discounts on our cool stuff -- plus the occasional high five just because. Full time employees are also eligible for medical.

Please email or drop off your resume in person at 1201 Santa Fe Dr