We are looking for full time industry professionals with positive vibes to crush late night service with us.

What we need....
Someone with reliable transportation, we are a late night spot and

do not finish work until 2AM.
Some one that is willing to learn as well as teach.
Some one that can fit in with a team and knows how to work with others.
Some one that can work in an incredibly fast paced environment for an extended period of time maintaining their station cleanliness and quality.

We offer:

Contagiously great atmosphere
Full time
Competitive Pay (Weekly)
Health Insurance
Paid Vacation After Tenure
Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New-Years-Day Off

Euclid hall is a from scratch kitchen, we break down whole animals weekly. and make an incredible amount of of sausage pickles and mustard. We like to push the limits with food and serve fried pig ears, pork skin noodles, foie, and bone marrow.

If interested please send resume and or come by and see us.

If you could be a fruit or a vegetable what would you be and why?


Euclid Hall Kitchen Crew