As an industry game changer, IGT is the world’s leading gaming technology company focused on design and development of cutting edge, casino-style entertainment. IGT leverages its vast content library and pushes

the boundaries of global game development to deliver the next generation of great gaming experiences to players around the world.  So if you want to create products for your favorite casino and you’re a game changer with a vision, we invite you to Come Out and Play! 
We are seeking a passionate, adaptive, and pioneering Game Designer that is ready to take their creativity and industry leading skills to the next-generation of interactive gaming. Blending expertise with innovation, this individual will help define engaging entertainment that will appeal and showcase original experiences to a wide player audience. This position will use their talents to constructively communicate and leverage a motivated cross disciplined team, participate and grow in a collaborative environment, and help shape the industry with their innovative solutions.

The Game Designer will:

• Participate in designing all aspects of a game design including entertainment, pacing, mathematical outcomes, and player communication.
• Actively work on multiple projects concurrently, as strong multitasking is essential.
• Have meticulous attention to detail to achieve optimal designs, including math models, XML control files, par sheets and customer-facing communication.
• Share innovative solutions and help shape other project features with fellow game designers and development staff.
• Test mathematical outcomes to assure quality and that accurate calculations are achieved (through excel and programming).
• Maintain active field research, analysis and industry knowledge to clearly understand and convey player profiles to develop new features and products.
• Create and own all design documentation and deliverables for projects, including game concepts, in-game messaging, marketing communication, game rules, some game documentation, and paytables.
• Generate initial and final excel-based math models, par sheets, and XML control files (or comparable code file/formats) used by the game engine.
• Play test all games in studio development with detailed verbal or written feedback around all aspects of the player experience: math, art, sound, messaging, game pacing and user interface.
• Jointly develop and adapt prototypes and simulators (XNA, C#, XML schema and Direct X) to play test, refine and troubleshoot calculations on game concepts.
• Contribute to ensure external partners have up-to-date knowledge of key design features to market and promote finished products.
• Analyze performance data from the marketplace to help identify future game mechanics and industry trends.

First Year Goals

• Participate in conceptualizing and designing multiple products for the games portfolio
• Deliver mathematical & design documentation for each project and follow its full implementation through the development process
• Share knowledge with the game design team and provide unique game & industry insights