Under-65 Health Agents and Small/Large Group Agents:
We understand what you are going through. A few years ago, we had to make a choice as an agency. Do we continue with
the business model of Under-65 and Small Group Business while continuing to grow our Medicare Business OR do we transition to being and Agency completely focused on the Medicare-eligible population including all of the ancillary product opportunities that come with that age group. In our opinion at the time, when ObamaCare first became an impact on the market, that our long-term prospects of maintaining a profitable business through under-65 health was low.

Today, we are a top-producing Medicare-eligible focused agency. We specialize supporting those professionals who prefer to represent their client rather than one insurance company. We train our agents to be counselors for clients and focus exclusively on the Medicare population. This population is expected to continue a population boom through 2030! There are more than enough Medicare-eligible aging in each month alone to sustain a lot more well-trained people to help these seniors. But we do not stop there.

We are looking to work with those with a passion to help the Medicare Beneficiaries living within their community with a system that provides distinct separation from any and all competition.

We have over 20 years of helping people within the insurance industry further their production and referrals. Would you like to join a locally represented, Top Producing brokerage focused on YEAR-ROUND Medicare, Senior Health, Life, and Annuity business!?

Are you ready to change your career trajectory by building a strong residual income with a much higher retention rate than nearly any other insurance market?

We focus on year-round Medicare and package-sale business where most others look at it as a seasonal business. We proudly do more than two-thirds of our Medicare business outside of the Annual Enrollment Period. We want to train the right agents with the right integrity to do the same.

What We Are Looking For:

1. A hard-working, self-motivated, person with a high level of integrity.

2. State Division of Insurance issued Life Accident and Health License required.

3. YOU MUST BE COACH-ABLE AND TRAINABLE. If you would like to re-invent your own Medicare Sales "Wheel", then we are not the organization for you.

4. Under-65, Small Group Insurance Sales Experience

5. Like-able, outgoing personality and ability to connect personally with others.

Interviews being conducted next week! Call or reply on website below today.

Take action now to be a part of our April training! (You must have contracting & certifications and pre-testing completed satisfactorily with each insurance carrier and our office prior to attending training, do not delay the process and get started today!)

If you are ready to explore our programs, please apply with the link below or give us a call!
Call Joshua at 303-996-5264 or Rudy at 303-996-5266

If you need instructions on how to obtain your insurance license; or to submit a request for more information about us; or to schedule an interview, Please go to http://www.senioragents.com