Our clinic is looking for a well rounded, fun loving dentist to work at our clinic starting May 6th 2016.

Saipan is a beautiful island situated north of Guam and

it is a U.S. territory so thus require a US licensed dentist to work

compensation (126k per year total along with company car to use)
Heres the breakdown:
- 120k a year salary (10,000 a month paid bi-weekly) /5 day work schedule (Tues~Sat 8-5)
- No need to worry about production, just take good care of patients &staff
- 10 days paid vacation per year
- can use the company car
- $500 housing allowance per month
- 2 year contract

Our clinic:
- 4 op (soon to expand to 6)
- digital x ray
- wave one root canal system
- 4 dental therapist, 2 assistants and 4 front desk

What we look for in a dentist
- Good character (get along well with others and treat patients and staff with respect)
- Comfortable with diversity (very diverse patient base. . ...island locals, Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, americans etc.)
- Prefer at least 1 year of experience or post grad (GPR)
- Enjoys outdoor activities (scuba diving, golf, wind surfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball etc), if you're a indoor person, this place may not be for you

Perks of living here
- Tax haven (around~15%) in tax
- Rent is very cheap especially even with ocean view
- Summer all year long and ocean view from everywhere
- Since it is tourist oriented, tons of fun things to do esp. outdoor activities (scuba, snorkel, golf, beach v-ball, biking, wind surfing etc)
- Island life style is very laid back and most ppl are very friendly
- Very close to Asia (4 hours to Korea, japan, Philippines, Thailand etc) so nice to travel and explore during vacation time

Please do some research on the island, and if you feel like the lifestyle is the right fit for you then let email me with your resume and we will go from there! We were recently featured on HG TV so check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC1nKGycw9I