Denver's homeless walking outside of the Denver Rescue Mission shelter for the homeless during a blizzrd

​A list of homeless shelters in and around Denver Colorado. Shelters for the homeless in Denver consist of day shelters, overnight shelters, male only shelters, female only shelters, shelters with special classifications, shelters that serve as transitional housing, and shelters that serve as temporary housing.

​Homeless Shelter in Denver ​Denver Rescue Mission
​​​Denver Rescue Mission Location 1
​Lawrence Street Shelter
​​​Denver Rescue Mission Location 2
​1130 Park Ave W, Denver CO
​Denver Rescue Mission phone number 303-294-0157​
Shelter type​ Day Shelter, Overnight Shelter, Emergency Shelter (men), Transitional Housing (work program)

The Denver Rescue Mission is the primary shelter for the homeless in Denver and functions, or works with other organizations that provide the functions of, every type of shelter available to the homeless.

Access inside the Denver Rescue Mission is restricted and requires an ID card that the Denver Rescue Mission provides. When entering the front door of the Denver Rescue Mission every guest are required to show their ID card to staff and the ID card is scanned identifying the individual and access restrictions will show for every guest entering the Denver Rescue Mission.

ID cards for access to the Denver Rescue Mission can be obtained at the front desk of the Denver Rescue Mission.

All guests entering the Denver Rescue Mission must have a current TB test active on-record with the Denver Rescue Mission. Access can be  limited or denied completely if a TB test isn't current and this record shows every time a guest is allowed inside of the Denver Rescue Mission.

The Denver Rescue Mission provides 3-meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
​Homeless Shelter in Denver Salvation Army Crossroads
​​​Salvation Army Crossroads phone number
Shelter type​ Overnight Shelter​

​Homeless Shelter near Denver Boulder Shelter
​​​Boulder Shelter location
​4869 N Broadway, Boulder CO
Shelter type​ Overnight Shelter​
Homeless shelters in Denver with addresses and contact phone numbers. Find donation opportunities in Denver. The Denver Rescue Mission, the Salvation Army Crossroads, and other facilities that function as both homeless shelters as well locations for programs that assist the homeless to operate.
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