New to Denver??? Do you draw, paint, sketch, water-color, etc?

We are hiring again! I am looking for another artist that is having a hard time matching their love to create with

a job they love. We have currently 13 artists and need more.

Do you hang out on Santa Fe on First Friday? Do you draw, sketch, paint, or use canvas to create in any way? Do you want to work with other artists? And yep, tattoos and piercings are fairly common with our team. I'd like to talk to you.

Here's the deal. We are a paint contracting company. Some say this post doesn't belong in the art/media section, but since every painter we have, has been hired by this ad (or versions of it), and IS AN ARTIST over the last 5 years, I would beg to differ. We currently have 13 artists that paint for us. If you think this would be a good fit for you, please read on... And if this does not interest you, there are plenty of other ads to read.

Yes, you may have seen this posting before. Yes, you may have applied to the post, but sorry, not everyone is a good fit for us and I filter out 5 out of 6 applicants. We have used this ad to hire ALL of our painters...FOR 8 YEARS! I always get someone complaining that this is NOT a real ART job, but my team would not agree with you. We add color to fantastic homes, CREATE beautiful interiors, and we really do create art in homes...I guess it all depends on how small your view of art is.

A little about the job...

You will start as a prep painter, and be trained to lead a crew (we have a great system of training and teaching the right person how to paint). Actually, think of the first two weeks as a long interview. You need to prove to us that you are a great worker: meaning reliable, honest, even-tempered, great attitude, WORK HARD. Our biggest problem with hiring is that folks want to do things their own way. If you can demonstrate and ability to do these things, then we will hire you permanently. You will also need to pass a background check. This is NOT a subcontract position. We pay every other week, and YES we take taxes out. No under the table shenanigans here. We run a real business. You do need to have reliable transportation to DIFFERENT locations around town EVERY DAY. We work mainly SOUTH of I-70, and a lot SOUTH of C-470. You will need to get you butt to the job site every morning before 8:00, so if you have issue with that...well, just don't apply.

ONE MORE THING...most of our guys move up to a crew lead position within 4 months, and average over $22/hr. We have a great training program, that's why we like to hire our team with little to no house painting experience.

A little about the company...

We've been in business for 16+ years, and painting. We have worked in many of the most exclusive neighborhoods in and around Denver. We have an incredible training program to teach you the art of painting homes...just come ready to learn.

We want team members that are NOT satisfied with status quo. There are tons of opportunities out there, and we want to win together: our team, our customers, and our company. Sorry, we do not offer any benefits at this time, but you will be covered under FULL WORKERS COMP. We have had a few people in the past few months that HAVE NOT WORKED OUT. Why??? They either had a bad attitude, did not follow directions well, or just did NOT work hard and wanted to work too slow. If you are used to working retail, or a position that is not physical, this will not be a good position for you. The work is very physical.

To apply...VERY IMPORTANT, please follow directions...
Send me an email with:

-Your contact information
-What kind of artwork you do
-Last three job position and dates
-Tell me about your schooling: highest level achieved and when.
-Why you think you would be a good fit

That is it. Then I will email the applicants that look good on paper for a phone interview. Trust me, if you do not follow these, you will not get an email.

To the neigh sayers...
YES, this is a REAL job. Yes we will hire now...AND you will have the opportunity to be making over $20/hr within 6 months. YES we are very busy and need help. Sorry but we can't hire anyone with more than 1 year exp. It's just how it goes for us.

Signing BONUS:
If you last 90 days, you will get the signing bonus. Only about 2 in 3 make it this long.

I look forward to hearing from you, but know that I will only be calling those that follow directions, and seem to fit what we are looking for. Thanks for your patience.