JAB GLOBAL is hiring Corporate Trainers in our Marketing and Sales Departments.

JAB Global is looking for bright, motivated, career-oriented individuals who want to start or advance their careers by

bringing their energy and perspective to our marketing team. No experience is necessary just a student mentality and drive to be successful.

Fun. Challenging. Rewarding. These are probably some of the values you are looking for in a career. They're also why you should consider working at JAB Global. Endless opportunities await talented, dedicated people.

Here at JAB Global we are looking for the cream of the crop, to help with our expanding company. We are currently seeking ENTRY-LEVEL CORPORATE TRAINERS, and those interested in GROWTH INTO A MANAGEMENT POSITION. We offer a hands-on program involving training in all areas of marketing and sales management for new campaigns coming to our company.

At JAB Global, we value results and are committed to becoming the best! We offer some of the most challenging and dynamic career opportunities in the area. We are comprised of motivated, self-directed, competitive, independent, hard-working leaders who love to work together to accomplish team objectives but who pride themselves on individual achievement. We believe that the things in life that are worth having are worth working for. We are passionate about success and about giving back to our community.

Our clients are asking for additional locations, each run by a manager who started in the entry-level position and progressed through our strategic sales and marketing training.

All of our positions are entry-level, allow for rapid advancement into a branch-management role, and involve working with people on a daily basis, as well being cross trained in multiple areas of business management.

What We Offer:

  • Strong Compensation Packages
  • Travel opportunities
  • Leadership workshops and development
  • Training in sales, marketing & management
  • Financial management, business management, time management
  • Recognition for top performers
  • Advancement into management & marketing roles based on performance