Function:   Operations (Beef, Poultry, Pork, Prepared Foods, etc.)

Pay Type:   Non-Exempt

Position Number:   11136749 Manifestor 4

Employee Type:   Full Time



,, SUMMARY: This position aids the Receiving Supervisor in all aspects of the receiving tasks to be performed. Position will ensure that HACCP standards are maintained and strictly enforced; ensure that all documentation is gathered and checked; ensure that all safety aspects are adhered to while work is being performed on the receiving dock area. Position will also assist production supervisors in ironing out any discrepancies found within the facilities raw material inventory thru the receiving supervisor. When the receiving supervisor is absent, position will ensure that orders are entered into the computer properly and that the BOL's are turned in at the end of their shift. The position may on occasions berequired to move trailers in and out of the dock door when the need arises. All team members will be HACCP trained and be able to receive incoming raw material when the rest of the team is not on shift.