Mizu Izakaya is in search of candidates with professional fast paced experiance! We are a high energy restaurant that focuses on traditional Japanese cuisine and techniques. We import fish directly from Toyosu Fish Market, we are certified for A5 Kobe, and we have the largest Japanese Whisky & Sake Selection in Colorado! We pride ourselves on detail and knowledge, our restaurant has recieved numerous awards from kitchen to bar and we don't plan on stopping.

All positions available are listed below, please respond by email with a resume and description of desired position. If you desire part-time please specify, also the with any schedule restrictions.

Available positions:
Head Chef (Salary determined upon hire, experiance in Japanese cuisine required)
Line Cook (Starts at $14.00/Hr with Referenced Experiance)
Prep Cook (Starts at $12.00/Hr, minimal experiance required)

Host (Starting at $14.00/Hr)
Expo (Starting at 14.00/Hr)
Server (Starting at $8.08/Hr, plus tips)
Barback (Starting at $10/Hr, plus tips)
Bartender (Starting at $11.00/hr, plus tips)

Key Requirements:
Experience in full service restaurant
Understanding of Japanese cooking methods, ingredients and equipment
Solid references
Flexible schedule
Task-driven individual
Ability to expedite

For full descriptions of position responsibilities or questions please email TJ Vong at the email provided. Please visit
Mizudenver.com for additional details about the restaurant.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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