Hi. My name is Kerry Spry. I'm the President and CEO of bwpcareers.com and I've got an exciting opportunity for a few money motivated professionals from your area that would like to
immediately average $1800-$3000 PER WEEK in the "easy to learn, easy to earn" recruiting business.

First things first...this job does not require any money from anybody. This is a real job where you can make great money fast!!! So leave your concerns behind and focus on what you're about to read.

Your job is to work from your home office to find and hire "commission only" sales representatives who live in any one of my clients 55 sales markets across the country to sell Above Ground Swimming Pools. My client will provide the sales representatives you hire with 2-3 warm, credit pre-approved, TV and Internet appointments every day and will never ask for a single dime. Your hires will never ever be asked to do any cold calling of any kind, no door to door, no telemarketing and they will make very good money!!! Again, my client provides them with 100% of their appointments. No cold calling of any kind will ever be required by the sales representatives you're hiring. Furthermore, my client will pay them gas money to run their first 10 appointments. All that makes your job very easy.

About your pay...I will pay you $300.00 plus bonuses for every new sales representative who graduates from my clients training class and runs just two appointments given to them by the client. Once they've graduated from training and have run at least two appointments given to them by the client, you will be paid your $300 fee and Average $1800-$3,000 PER WEEK!!! You're giving people a job for a living. It's that easy!!! My average recruiter hires 6-10 new sales representatives per week. I also have recruiters who hire 15-20 new sales representatives per week times $300.00 per hire!!!

Obviously there is a great deal of money to be made as a sales recruiter here with us at bwpcareers.com. Prove yourself useful and you can have this job every year for as long as you want it. The client our company serves has been in business for over 30 years and has been my client for almost a decade!!!

If you're interested in this position or would like more details or to apply for this position please go to bwpcareers.com for a detailed job description as well as instructions on how to apply for this awesome opportunity. As you can imagine I am extremely busy and am not accepting phone calls with questions about the position until you've been to bwpcareers.com and have read the entire job description at least once. So please do not call until you have been to our website and have read the entire job description at least once.

All the best,
Kerry Spry -President and CEO
800-706-0907 EXT. 7