Nuggets fan starts petition to bench Will Barton

Nuggets wing Will Barton is troubled during Denver’s first-round contest run against the Spurs.

During Game 2 at Pepsi Center, the fans had enough of observation him swing and miss from the field. The “boo birds” were out in full force.

Barton’s performance in Game 3 was more of the same, just some other brick on the night as he went 2-6 from the field, with 4 points.

Nuggets fans are upset with the lackluster performance from their $53 million dollar man.

Dustin David, a Nuggets fan, has seen enough and started a petition to have Barton removed from the lineup.

David’s petition states: “Enough is enough, Coach Malone. Sign this to remove Will Barton and save the Nuggets contests hopes!”


That’s probably not exactly what was created for, but hey, any greases your wheels.

So what do you think? Should Barton be benched in favor of leader Beasley, like columnist Mark Kiszla aforementioned in his latest piece, or should “Thrill” be allowed to shoot his way out of this slump?

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