I'm looking for a part-time seamstress to handle the production sewing for my clothing line in Denver, Colorado. We are a small company that make simple and sustainable clothing. There has been steady growth with the business for about two years now and I've been working with various contract seamstresses to get our production sewing done. With the growth of the business and the amount of logistics involved with coordinating with multiple contract seamstresses, I'm seeing a need to simplify and bring on an employee. I want to have someone in our studio that will be charge of production: mainly sewing all of our garment orders, but there could be other responsibilities involved.

Perks of the Job

-Flexible work hours: work could be anywhere from 4-20 hours a week depending on what season we're in.
-Create your own schedule: I don't have a preference for when you work, as long as the work gets done.
-Work with a growing company in a fun studio space that houses 80 other artists and creatives.
-Collaborative work environment: I'm open to ideas of improving the business and I'd love to work with you and support you in making those ideas a reality.


-Keep track of incoming orders.
-Sew garments starting with pre-cut pattern pieces to finished garment.
-Meet production schedule deadlines.
-Keep the studio in an organized and safe order.

Required Skills

-Must have basic knowledge of serger and sewing machines (i.e. how to thread them, how to adjust tension, how to remove lint from the various components, etc).
-Simple garment sewing including seams, bias tape finishes, gathers, hems, inseam and patch pockets, top stitching, sewing in labels and tags, seam ripping, pattern matching, etc.
-Must have an attention to detail.
-Problem solving and communication: must be able to identify issues or mistakes and go about fixing them.

Bonus Skills, but Not Required

-Pattern drafting skills including pattern grading.

Potential Secondary Responsibilities

-Cutting incoming orders
-Packaging outgoing orders

Please go ahead and send along any relevant experience and why you're interested in the position. Also let me know what questions you have! 

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