First impressions last a lifetime, whether it's face to face or over the phone. A friendly, outgoing, and competent front office can make all the difference between a successful practice and an
average practice. Patient coordinators are typically the first and last point of contact in our practices, and therefore we can't afford to hire the wrong person. We want patient coordinators who:

• Greet every patient with a warm introduction, a smile, and a THANK YOU for coming to our office!
• Create positive patient relations
• Are great on the phone
• Schedule appointments to maximize efficiency and productivity
• Coordinate benefits and present treatment plans
• Accept patient payments
• Confirm and remind patients of appointments
• Review patient account information
• Enter and verify insurance
• Ask patients for referrals
• Are social media savvy and ask for online reviews
• Conduct work in compliance with office policies and procedures, safety, OSHA, and MSDS guidelines


• Must excel in customer service
• Able to multitask
• Quick learner
• Outgoing and personable
• High energy