Looking for FEMALE models - experience not necessary http://www.NudeIsFun.com

I'm shooting for portfolio and for gallery showing and hard back book of collectible nudes. Full nudity is required for these artistic

shots - these are beautiful and simple, elegant nudes (http://www.NudeIsFun.com).

This is NOT porn nor is it erotica. This is simple elegant beauty - captured in photos. You'll be absolutely proud of the finished product and you'll be pleased with the process. These are artistic nudes.

*visit http://www.NudeIsFun.com *

This is something that I've been doing for years and I'm well aware of the concerns potential models have and I'm perfectly happy putting those concerns to rest. I keep this very professional.

-You'll receive a legal release stating the photos will be used for gallery showings and portfolio purposes.

-The photos will NOT be sold to commercial third parties. Additionally your name will NEVER be used in association w/ the photos. Pictures will be used in gallery showings and in compilation book and on my site-- but again, no name is ever used.

-Shoots will always happen on weekends. SHOOT WILL TAKE APPROX. 3 HRS or less. Shoots will be happening from now (this coming Saturday) thru summer -You'll be paid $2,000 cash up front and you should note too that I'll do everything possible to give you all the details in advance for your own sense of comfort and to go over any questions you may have.

Again, I've been doing this for a long time and I know your concerns - and I am happy to address them - having said that - it's not for everyone - so take a look at my site and if you're interested send me a reply.

Take a look at my work - http://www.NudeIsFun.com


*visit http://www.NudeIsFun.com *