Can do anything and everything! Your role is the catch all for the overall functioning of the organization. You are part of a 10 person company and will act as everything from
assistant to operations, HR, and will be ready to fill in wherever needed . This is a highly collaborative role that will work closely with a skilled but small team, which includes operations, marketing, production, distribution and editorial.

You are ready and able to work in an unconventional environment and recognize this commitment is at the core of our existence. We are a publishing house that has not only succeeded for 15 years, but gone beyond all the odds by simply staying true to the creative standards that we believe are critically important.

You are the type that doesn't just find a non-corporate company appealing, you thrive in it. You are passionate about being part of a group that takes a small but successful organization to the next growth level and recognize that the next growth level is one of the biggest challenges successful, small businesses face.

• Main liaison between clients and creative team.
• Facilitate and schedule internal and external communication with the Publisher.
• Maintain and enforce systems, including email accounts, backups, etc.
• Field inquiries from clients and the general public.
• Assist with hiring, interviewing, reviews, and other administrative work.
• Assist with collection efforts, including phone calls, letters, and small claims court.
• Must be superbly organized and able to juggle multiple tasks with ease as you keep track of dozens of inquiries per day.
• Must be cool under pressure, you are the type that remains the calm in the eye of the storm.
• Must be an extraordinary communicator - not only in writing but over the phone and in person. You are able to convey the relevant information efficiently, clearly, quickly, and to the appropriate parties.
• Must be a problem solver who is able to think on his or her feet, know which decisions they are to make and which they need approval for, and think analytically.
• Must be professional and agreeable to the extreme. Must know how to talk to people of all walks of life. Your contribution to the organization keeps everyone around you confident, comfortable, and inspired.
• Must be highly motivated and ambitious. As a small company you understand that there are no corner desks. We all learn to work independently as well as under important instructions.
• Must be able to recognize that a small, self-financed company growing bigger faces challenges that large businesses don't. You don't just give lip service to this idea, you understand that at a small company everyone pitches in to help. No task is below anyone.

Salary range starts at $34,000-$37000 DOE with opportunities for growth. 3 month and one year signing bonuses. Additional opportunity to work into a percentage override at one year.

Please provide a detailed cover letter and resume as to why our organization and needs are a right fit for you and visa versa.