The Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program offers unique opportunities in laboratory operations for individuals age 55 and over to support the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through a grant sponsored by the National
Older Worker Career Center (NOWCC). More information can be found by going to

Specific duties include: Provides professional support to the Field Branch related to quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program assistance, instrument readiness/data input, and environmental field instrument custodian/tracking duties.

- Prepares, reviews, updates and organizes instrument, measurement, and sampling operating procedures, in conjunction with quality staff. Organizes, develops, archives, monitors, and assists with needed quality-related documents, tasks, and databases with QA/QC system, including equipment database. Is trained in and participates as a team member/leader of internal audits of National Enforcement Investigations Center quality system. Prepares audit reports, as needed. Reviews measurement data and reports and offers critical comments, especially related to QA and instrumental requirements.

- Performs as instrument custodian - Duties include: maintenance, calibration, training on , and repair of environmental field instruments/equipment, such as Toxic Vapor Analyzers (TVAs), pH meters, Geiger counter radiation meters, and multi-gas monitors. Updates tracking system databases regarding scheduling of instruments for repair, calibration, and project work. Performs training of technical staff on various field monitoring/measurement instruments and performs competency testing and proficiency testing of staff. Documents competency/proficiency testing of staff. Packages instruments to be sent for requirement annual calibration. Keeps abreast of pertinent instrument and other environmental field monitoring technical literature, and evaluates/researches new equipment technologies as needed. Prepares equipment and supplies for shipment off-site for field investigations.

- Assists field teams with instrument readiness, calibration and digital data systems' input and integration while at off-site measurement and sampling activities. Requires travel, air travel and/or as a passenger in vehicle driven by Federal employee.

- Receiving, shipping, and inventory duties. Ensures completion of receiving/shipping functions and keeps warehouse orderly and organized. Compiles and maintains equipment tracking system, tag-accountable property, and conducts periodic physical inventories. Maintains inventory and assist QA representative/staff in researching information for preparing purchase request for environmental field equipment and supplies to replenish items, as needed.

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 Must be 55 years of age or older in order to be eligible for this grant-administered opportunity
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The hourly pay for each position is $12.72 per hour. This is the maximum amount budgeted through the grants to support this program. But this is a unique program where your talents, expertise and experience will truly be valued. The EPA provides a wonderful work atmosphere, a state of the art building, all work travel and training is paid for, and you'll be working side-by-side with EPA staff that are out doing important work every day. We currently have roughly 80 people enrolled in this program who are supporting the EPA in a variety of positions in Denver. If this is the right opportunity for you, we'd love to have you join us!