The Regional Store Manager is responsible for coordinating operational and sales efforts in a single store in addition to overseeing multiple Convenience and Gas stores in a specific market/geographic area. The geographic
area includes stores in South Denver Metro Area.
Health Benefits are provided and 401K plan is available!

Store Duties and Responsibilities:

• Recruits, interviews, screens, and hires, or recommends hiring of subordinate store employees and Assistant Managers. Microsoft Excel, Google Docs and Internet applications experience is must.
• Conduct initial training, continuous retraining, or training in new skills, policies, or procedures as appropriate; determine when new employees should be considered fully trained; train employees for advancement.
• Evaluate employee performance, both formally and informally, as to both good and poor performance and in what areas and in what respects improvements is needed, and discuss this with the employee.
• Issue oral or written reprimands or warnings to employees as to company policy as appropriate.
• Discipline employees in other respects as appropriate, including suspension, demotion, termination.
• Recommend promotions for employees.
• Enforce all personnel policies and operational policies and procedures as set forth by Management.
• Investigate and resolve employee complaints, grievances, or conflicts.
• Monitor employee turnover, and develop ways of reducing turnover and maintaining a stable store workforce.
• Ensure that employees accurately and properly record all hours worked
• Ensure compliance with all state and federal personnel-related laws, such as anti-discrimination statutes, wage and hour provisions, employee health and safety laws, etc
• Spot check employee performance at times when Assistant Manager is not scheduled to work, including conducting periodic shift performance reviews and cash audits.
• Terminate or recommend termination of store employees.
• Mentor/Prepare store employee to function as Assistant Manager/Manager in absence of Manager.
• As applicable, provide and explain all required pre-employment paperwork to applicants or new employees, and review completed documents.
• Ensure that store employees understand and carry out their responsibility for contributing to effective operation of the store, and accomplishment of company's goals.
• Weekly Updates to Management on all the duties performed and recommend any changes to store operations.
• Report the hours worked and tasks performed hourly/daily.
• Ensure that the store is adequately but not excessively stocked with merchandise at all times.
• Efficiently organize back room and cooler stock preserves.
• Prepare and/or evaluate store-operating reports daily and verify accuracy of information. Maintain a good perpetual inventory, extending all invoices at retail taking into consideration markups and markdowns in various categories.
• Ensure that all inventories are handled in such a manner as to lessen the likelihood of theft or shortages.


• Review and evaluate shift reports daily, and verify accuracy of information.
• Compile and prepare special reports or analyses as requested my Owner.

• Ensure that the stores are operating in accordance to all Company policies and procedures at all times.
• Ensure that each store operates its shifts in accordance with established hours of business.
• Plan and post a schedule for employees each week, taking into account shift business and work levels, seasonal fluctuation in shift loads, employee requests for time off, sales, holidays, or promotions, etc., and monitor attendance.
• Ensure that general conditions of store meet high standards at all times, including seeing that,
1. Windows, floors, counters, Gas Island, equipment, etc. are clean and uncluttered.
2. Grass is cut, lot is clean, and exterior of store is neat and presentable.
3. Adequate lighting, heating, and cooling is maintained.
4. Equipment is in proper working order, including coolers and refrigeration units.
5. All food service equipment is clean and in proper working condition.

• Ensure that all employees have been trained in and are complying with security policies and procedures.
• Ensure that safety and security of store assets, premises, and equipment at all times.
• Promptly inform Owner of any and all situations, which could have an adverse effect on the Company or the Store.
• Normal Schedule for Regional Manager/Manager between 5AM-11PM, Mon-Fri.
• 5AM - 12PM Saturday Minimum 52hrs/week. Hours are designed to fit into daily 8 hr schedule decided by Manager and Management.

Appreciate reading the entire job.We interview people almost on the same day you apply. Please send your resume by replying to this ad.