The Senior Internal Auditor will be responsible for developing and implementing appropriate audit procedures for assigned audits and ensuring that audit program procedures are properly performed. In addition, the Auditor will

add insight into evaluating the design and effectiveness of internal controls while also ensuring adequacy of financial and/or operational controls.


  • Perform assigned internal audit projects and work with team on evaluating and strengthening procedures and controls.
  • Perform activities to support SOX 404 compliance requirements (assisting management in updating RCM and flowcharts, assessing controls under COSO requirements, and completing testing of controls).
  • Assist with audit administration including project management.
  • Work with external auditors to ensure efficient completion of their responsibilities.
  • Evaluate various risks (financial, operational, compliance) to the organization and make recommendations for corrective action/mitigation of risks.
  • Conduct or assist in reviews of financial, information technology and operational activities to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the controls over the activities reviewed, including evaluation of the potential impact of control failures.
  • Ensure areas reviewed are performing their planning, accounting, custodial, and/or control activities in accordance with management’s expectations, and in a manner consistent with both organizational objectives and high standards of administrative practice.
  • Recommend improvements in current standards and in the implementation of process changes.
  • Responsible for the development of oral or written presentations to management during and at the conclusion of the audit, discussing deficiencies, recommending corrective action, and suggesting improvements in operations and reductions in cost.
  • Prepare formal written reports expressing opinions on the adequacy and effectiveness of the system and the efficiency with which activities are carried out.
  • Appraise the adequacy of the corrective action taken to improve deficient conditions.
  • Perform other duties as assigned or required.