We opened a brand new center in Wheat Ridge last summer and are looking to hire a cook and a teacher's aide to join our team. Students are encouraged to apply!

* New hires may be eligible for a $100 signing bonus. Contact us for details. *

- To apply for a Teacher's Aide position you just need to have any experience working with children including your own or babysitting.

- To apply for the cook position, can you scramble eggs? Make mac & cheese? Cut up apples? We are looking for someone to make breakfast, lunch and prepare snack for the children along with kitchen clean up. The cook would also help create a shopping list, prepare menus and help shop for groceries. We're cooking yummy, healthy food for kids between the ages of one year - 5 years old. You don't need to be the next Gordon Ramsey or have an extensive resume with tons of professional experience. All you need is to be able to prepare basic kid friendly foods and know how to keep the kitchen clean. Hours for this position are 7 am - approximately 2 pm.


Physical requirements -- Must be able to stand, kneel, occasionally lift children, sit crisscross-applesauce, and play duck duck goose.

Personal requirements: We are looking for someone who shows up at work on time and with a smile on their face. Bringing your co-workers donuts is optional but will make you popular fast. Sense of humor is a huge plus, we like to have fun at work! Grouchy grumps need not apply.

Benefits Include: There are no weekends or holidays and we are open regular business hours (no late shifts!). Management is super flexible, very supportive of our staff and just generally pretty cool. We offer a fun, flexible work environment with a great bunch of employees who love their jobs and the children they care for.

Delicious meals included while you work (warning, you might gain weight lol!), paid time off in addition to holidays, paid for professional development classes, generous childcare discounts for employees and scholarships for ECE classes.

For Teacher's Aides our scholarships are a great way to get your lead ECE Teacher or Director requirements completed!

This is also an excellent opportunity to teach and make a huge impact on the lives of young children! We are a pilot school for a very prestigious preschool curriculum program in partnership with the University of Denver, Vanderbilt University, Rutgers University and Michigan University. The curriculum is a fully integrated literacy, math, science and social emotional program and all staff are trained in using this incredible program.

What are you waiting for? Working for a corporate company is no fun. Seasonal jobs are short term and the hours are lame. A lot of smaller, independent businesses are often run by micro managing, penny pinching control freaks who are more concerned with making money then the well-being of their staff and the families they care for. Wheat Ridge Academy is the opposite of all that and working for us ROCKS!

Submit your resume today by emailing us at the link above. We can't wait to meet you!

You can learn more about our program here: https://www.facebook.com/WRLearningAcademy