Pizzas. You are allowed tremendous flexibility in the preparation of the foods as long as the customers desire the foods you prepare. Sasquatch casino is a small casino with two restaurants where the attraction to the casino is the lower priced and top quality foods. There is Prime rib, hamburgers, fried foods in one restaurant and in the pizza kitchen, broaster chicken, pizza and Mexican street tacos. The foods are to be simple and presentable. We don't need fancy food with French names. We serve from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. The cook is required to make the daily menus, order raw foods from approved vendors, and keep the kitchen ready for Colorado Department of Health inspections at all times.

This is a fast paced cooking area during the meal times.

Top quality customer service is a must for this tipped position.

Cook is required to know and practice the Colorado Department of Health Regulations.

Must be drug and alcohol free and be able to work when scheduled.

Meals are for adult persons at the casino that expect excellent tasting food at a reasonable price.

Full time work with some required overtime for the correct employee.